• Replacement Cushions

Replacement Cushions

The replacement cushion service allows you to renew the comfort and softness of your sofa that may be sagging by refilling removable cushions. Replacement cushions will give your sofa or armchair a new lease of life and will save you the expense and inconvenience of replacing your entire suite.

We offer the option of simply providing new inserts to fit your existing covers or, if you’re after a whole new look, we can replace the covers too.

The inserts are easy to install and will slot effortlessly back into your existing covers. Whether your cushions were originally filled with foam, feathers or fibre we can refill them using a filling of your choice and cover in a fabric to match your style.

Sound like what you need? We are here to help guide you through and achieve what you want. An example price guide can be found here.

If you know what you want simply click on the ‘Get Quote’ below and fill in the form to receive a free, no obligation quote or if you’re unsure contact us to see what we can do for you.

Do I have to replace the inners if I want new covers for my cushions?

Not at all. If your inners still have lots of life and you just want a new look, we can just replace the covers. However, if your sofa cushions are sagging that is most likely to be because of the inners, in which case we would highly recommend replacing the inners.

How do I measure my sofa cushions?

Please refer to the measuring guide page here.

What is a piped edge and what does it look like?

Below are two examples of piped edged cushions. The scatter cushions show a knifed edge cushion with a piped edge and the stool shows a box cushion with a piped edge. Piping is created by wrapping your choice of fabric around upholstery cord which is then sewn into the seam.


What are the different styles available?